the 2019 project

In 2019 UniSA Motorsport are embarking on a journey to design and build our very first electric vehicle. 

This vehicle will encompass the work of students from all across the campuses of UniSA and will culminate in a vehicle we will enter in the 2019 season of Formula SAE Australasia. 

This vehicle will encompass our vision of the future of mobility: Electric Mobility. 

Who we are

Engineers – Designers – Creators

UniSA Motorsport is a student led organization based out of the University of South Australia Mawson Lakes Campus

We join our fellow teams from around the world in designing and building vehicles to compete in Formula SAE

Through this project our engagement with Industry, the university and the wider community at a whole imparts invaluable experience to our university education


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Come and support the future of electric mobility through UniSA Motorsport Electric

We have a long history in participating in Formula SAE Australasia, see our previous vehicles

electric Technology

Electric Mobility is the future, learn more about the vehicle and what’s involved